Schleifautomat ALE 1000/2000


Beschreibung (engl.):

1.High-resolution 640*480,true color 5.7 inch LCD,display 1:1 actual size of lens graphics,icons,user-friendly operator interface.
2.Smooth shape ergonomic design,main engine,scanners split type configuration.
3.Many varieties of lens processing program,including the CR-39 resin piece,high flap lens,superhard diaphragm,glass,PC lens and Trivex lenses,which can fully meet the needs of the industry.
4.It has two modes of operation with the optical center/geometric center.
5.It can be corrected scanning data,including axis and the distance between nose and eye.
6.It has 100mm diameter grinding wheel,can be processed high curved lenses.
7.It has bevel polishing function,significant legislation glasses distinguished.
8.Inheritance the tradition of LE series lens edger security,stablity,strong,durable.

Scanner ST-1000(Import from France.)

1.High-precision three-dimensional scanning,fast and convenient.
2.It can be used to scan metal frames,plate frames,lining and template.
3.It can option around one or both eyes scan,frames automatic positioning,automatic calculation of the distance between the nose and eye.
4.Automatic clampling frame,and automatically determine the frames,linings and template type.
5.Optional slow to adapt to the special needs of certain frames.

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ALE 1000

ALE 2000